Book Review – Whispers and Wildflowers

Feeling distracted, burnt out or depleted?


How many times do you find yourself stopping in the midst of busy? More often that not, we brush away that need to pause. We are so used to keeping up a busy space, but deep down our souls weary. Overwhelmed and spiritually underfed. At this rate, we are going to miss out on a deeper connection with God. If this is you, fret not. There’s hope.


In this beautifully-illustrated and practical guide, Sarah Beth Marr helps women, from different walks of life, develop a routine of withdrawing from busyness to realign and refresh their hearts, minds and souls.


The book encourages anyone to slow down her pace and dwell in His loving embrace for the 30 days. For me personally, half an hour every morning allows me to to rediscover Scripture that ties in to the theme of the day. As I “sat down” with Sarah through her sweet writing, it was easy to connect with God and understand that He is always there for me. Nothing else can satisfy more than being in the arms of my beloved.



I used to think that setting myself 30 minutes behind my already-packed schedule will make me more hurried, but somehow my heart yearns to run to Him and I find myself waking up earlier in the mornings to soak in the Lord’s presence. And I’m not a morning person, ha!


I have been experiencing less stress for the past week, even though I seem to have more to do (at work). By His grace, I begin to grasp the elusive feeling of contentment. And I believe that as I set aside time to put Him first, other things just fall into place thereafter. This allows me to be fully present whenever I am with others as well.


“Ah, it’s just another devotional…” you might say. I won’t say you’re wrong but with Sarah, there’s this gentle and uplifting rhythm that I can relate to – coming from someone who understands pace and rhythm well (she used to dance professionally). The way her soul intertwines mine as I go further along, she’s like a soul-sister.  She gets it.


Sarah’s heart to see women come into a deeper relationship with Jesus is evident through her writing. If you wish to hold your hands out to your first love, dance with Him to greater personal peace and simplicity, then this is the book for you!



Whispers and Wildflowers: 30 days to Slow Down Your Pace, Savour Scripture & Draw Closer to God

by Sarah Beth Marr




Happy reading!




Disclaimer: I received an advanced readers’ copy of “Whispers and Wildflowers” from the publisher, as a member of the book launch team. However, this review reflects entirely and honestly how I feel after having read the book.

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