Praise and Worship

The word “worship” has almost become a cliché in our time and day. Whenever we hear someone says, “Let’s come to a time of worship…” or “I want them to start with worship.”, more often that not we think about a church service or a corporate singing experience. Others may also be hoping for an emotional experience during the song service. Depending on who you talk to, the word “worship” can mean many things.

Personally I find that lifting my voice in unison with my fellow brothers and sisters-in-Christ as we sing praises to our heavenly Father is a great way to express our worship to Him. However, that is not worship in and of itself. True worship is found in Romans 12:1

I urge you, therefore, brethren,
by the mercies of God,

to present your bodies
a living and holy sacrifice,
acceptable to God,
which is your
spiritual service of worship.

Romans 12:1

When we live for and sacrifice ourselves to God, that is real worship. The choices we make each day to do what is right and wrong shows WHO or WHAT we worship. We give our time, energy and passion to whatever the thing that we worship. Essentially, worship is about what we value the most. Let that sink in for a bit. Everyone values something. Whatever we deem most valuable and worth the most to us in this life is what we worship. So, is God your object of worship?

The Lord wants us to value Him more than anything in this world. Worship is an appropriate response to the greatness of God. Wow! That means, we should worship God with our lives every day – living in such a way that our lives demonstrate our affection for Daddy God. And not by just singing songs a few times a week.

We Christians often use the term “praise and worship”. In the nutshell, praise is simply letting God know how great He is to us. We praise Him for who He is – His character. We praise Him verbally by telling Him how much we love Him and our gratitude for His faithfulness in our lives. Another way to praise God is with actions, such as bowing before Him, raising our hands when we sing, or performing acts of love and kindness in His name. We can also praise the Lord through singing or playing instruments for His glory.

I pray that we would have joyful and meaningful experiences singing songs to God and about God whenever we come together as a body of Christ. I hope that this excitement for loving and serving God will continue to stay till the end of our days.

Stay blessed!

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